Balanced Management of Our Public Lands

America’s public lands are home to a vast and diverse array of resources and values. Native American cultural sites, water rights and supply, wildlife habitat, and climate resiliency are critically important. Recreation opportunities like climbing, hunting, hiking, biking, and winter sports are also among those values. And so are oil, gas, and mineral extraction. All of these are important, but they must be carefully balanced to protect our treasured landscapes and to prevent conflicts and unintended harm.

There is more competition than ever for the scarce resources our public lands provide, but responsible and balanced development can be achieved through transparent, stakeholder-driven processes and decision-making. At Access Fund, we advocate for responsible climbing access and conservation, but we also value other uses of public lands, such as protection of wildlife, water supply, cultural values, and climate-resilient landscapes. We are not opposed to oil, gas, and mineral extraction, as long as they are done responsibly, with minimal impact to cultural resources, the environment, wildlife, climate, and our area of focus—climbing.

At Access Fund, we envision a rich tapestry of protected landscapes that:

  • Provide opportunities for recreation and adventure
  • Contribute to the health and wellness of all Americans
  • Help drive a strong and resilient economy
  • Preserve our unique human history
  • Allow diverse wildlife and ecology to thrive

This vision calls for a strong democracy—for the consideration of all the myriad values and stakeholders of our public lands, and for thoughtful allowance of appropriate activities in appropriate places.

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Our Vision for Public Lands

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