Adequate Funding for Public Lands

Our public lands cannot protect themselves. As more stakeholders vie for access to the resources and values on these lands, we must invest in the infrastructure to support these activities and minimize damage to the environment.

Our public lands are worth the investment. Not only do they provide irreplaceable recreation opportunities, but they contribute to our health and wellness, they preserve native culture, they sustain diverse species and ecosystems, they provide America with renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, and they contribute to a more resilient economy. Recreation activities like climbing, hiking, and mountain biking significantly enhance the U.S. economy—at 2.2% of the gross domestic product (GDP), outdoor recreation is one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries, and it sustains 7.6 million jobs each year. And the best part? Recreation on our public lands is a sustainable and renewable resource. It is not subject to the boom-and-bust cycles of oil and gas extraction, which can leave rural communities in crisis.

Adequate, long-term funding for federal land management agencies is absolutely critical to protect the integrity and values of our nation’s public lands and to help us fully realize their economic potential. At Access Fund, we believe in building strong land management agencies by investing in and supporting our land managers and public servants.

At Access Fund, we envision a rich tapestry of protected landscapes that:

  • Provide opportunities for recreation and adventure
  • Contribute to the health and wellness of all Americans
  • Help drive a strong and resilient economy
  • Preserve our unique human history
  • Allow diverse wildlife and ecology to thrive

This vision calls for a strong democracy—for the consideration of all the myriad values and stakeholders of our public lands, and for thoughtful allowance of appropriate activities in appropriate places.