Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Dan Holz | Trout Creek, OR
Aaron Mike

Aaron Mike

Native Lands Regional Coordinator

Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, Aaron is a Native of the Navajo Nation and has been serving as the Native Lands Regional Coordinator at Access Fund since 2014. Aaron is also an AMGA rock climbing guide, NOLS-WMI Wilderness First Responder, and Owner of Pangaea Mountain Guides. In his most recent work with Access Fund, Aaron successfully facilitated partnerships between Access Fund and other organizations to protect cultural resources through the designation of Bears Ears National Monument.

Aaron is looking forward to his upcoming projects, including promoting the inclusion and importance of the Native voice in the outdoor industry, advocating to save Bears Ears National Monument from reduction, and working to protect the integrity of the Antiquities Act. His work with Access Fund has been complemented and strengthened by an Athlete-Ambassadorship from the clothing and Native American advocacy organization Natives Outdoors. With his position at Access Fund and Natives Outdoors, he hopes to work with local advocacy groups and LCO’s to promote outdoor recreation within underprivileged local communities.